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2015 Show Results

1st Place Veteran Class
VA Randy vom Leithawald

VP1 Yupp von der Westküste
& VP2 Yurple von der Westküste

VP3 Qairo von der Westküste

VP4 Qayenne von der Westküste






Planned Litters

Kashmir & Goody



















The HD Zuchtwert or Breed Value Number




The HD ZW value factors in many variables in the calculation, but is based mostly on the hips status of a dog's progeny. This is critical in the usefulness of the HD ZW. The dog's own hip status is only one of several important variables in the equation, not the sole determinate. This is because it is possible for a dog with excellent hip status to produce a number of progeny with HD and conversely, a dog with fair hip status can produce a majority of progeny with excellent hip status. Without factoring in this critical look at the dog's Genotype (what his genes pass on to progeny) in addition to his Phenotype (what his actual hip status is), real progress cannot be made in reducing the incidence of HD.

So how does it work? Each dog registered with the SV is assigned an HD ZW number at birth, based on its parents HD ZW numbers. Also all dogs born in the United States whose hip x-rays are sent to the German SV for their a-stamp certification are also assigned an HD ZW score, which is based upon their own certification results and that of their parents if they are also in the HD ZW registry. After a dog is x-rayed, its own hip status is factored into his HD ZW. Upon producing progeny of his own, the results of the progeny's x-rays are then factored into the parents HD ZW numbers. The HD ZW number is not a static value. It fluctuates depending on what the dog produces! This is what is important: A dog's Genotype, what the dog produces. Not his Phenotype, what his actual hip status is.

An HD ZW value of 100 has been set as the breed average. HD ZW values less than 100 mean the dog produces fewer progeny with HD than the breed average. A number greater than 100 means a dog produces HD more often that the breed average or comes from parents with high hip scores for the same reason. Rarely does a dog have a score of less than 70, but there are some that do have scores into the 60s. So HD ZW values less than 100 are the most desirable. However, the focus must still be on the total dog. Breeding decisions need to include much more than only a dog's HD ZW, Working ability and temperament are also very important.

To allow this, the SV requires that the calculated HD ZW for progeny of a desired mating be 100 or less. So a female with an HD ZW of 80 can be bred to a male with an HD ZW number as high as 120. The pups of a breeding like this would be assigned HD ZW values of 100 at birth. So HD ZW values less than 100 are not only desirable, but they offer greater options in breeding partners. Additionally, stud dog owners can prove their dog's prepotency by accepting breedings to females with higher HD ZW values.